I’m sick of it…

Congratulations blogosphere, you’ve finally made me angry enough to post something in a blog. The lowest form of journalism has invaded my life, I’ve written (poorly) for newspapers and now I’m descending into the condescending world of the self-righteous blog.

We have a number of emotive issues dancing round in the Australian political sphere at the moment. Ju-Liar Gillard is introducing a carbon tax (and apparently being able to coin a headline friendly nickname for a political opponent is more important than actually addressing their policies) , Greenpeace objects to GM modified wheat that contains the Rage virus, whipper-snippers are anti-GMO but pro-MMGW… especially the petrol powered ones.

I’ll be upfront and honest about my political affiliation, I believe that the only ‘honest’ party out there at this time is the Australian Sex Party. They believe in sex and sexual/personal freedom, they are the porn party (according to various foaming at the mouth Green supporters who are personal friends of mine but apparently don’t like porn, or women who say/feel that they’re empowered by porn). I never said that they were deep, I merely try to assert that they don’t interfere with economic and social areas that they don’t find important and probably aren’t qualified to handle. Essentially, the ASPs policies aren’t perfect or comprehensive but I personally prefer a lack of policy to a misguided and media friendly policy. In politics it is often a choice of the least worst option, rather than the best.

All of these issues and more will be addressed by my next few blogs.


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